Property Tax Assessment by Dallas Appraisal District

The Dallas Appraisal District is responsible for appraising property for the purpose of being able to identify property tax amounts; they are responsible for assessing and determining accurate property value on all properties in Texas, and will include providing services on property owner search. It is a subdivision off of the State of Texas.

Appraisers will generally visit each property, and use a systematic approach in calculating an accurate property value. This number will be based on the number of years before, and other important information. It can include exemption information and more. Upon attaining a property value, depending on the property that is being evaluated, different taxation rates will be applied resulting in an accurate amount for the property tax. This property tax needs to be paid within a certain period of time, and those who are interested in seeing the sectors for the appraisal and the different checklists used in determining the value will want to look online at their site. Visiting the tax office can also be quite beneficial as the representatives in the County tax office will generally be able to provide a more detailed explanation than the site.

Those who do not believe that they have received an accurate assessment on residential or commercial real estate will want to file an appeal to the Dallas Appraisal District. Those who are unable to solve their problem with the appraiser will have to file a hearing with the Appraisal Review Board, otherwise known as the ARB. They are a group of citizens who are designated to resolve any disputes that may arise between taxpayers and the appraiser, and the hearing is similar to a court case with both sides having 5 – 7 minutes each to state their facts and information. The ARB will then make a decision upon listening to both sides, and the decision is active for the current tax year unless another appeal is sent to the District Court. Those interested in filing a hearing can choose to appear in person, designate a representative or file and sign an affidavit that states and presents all facts and evidences. The ARB will only accept facts and evidences that can be retained.

Sample evidence will include fee appraisals and closing statements of the home if it was recently purchased, and pictures or professional repair estimates regarding repairs and problem areas that are in the property. For residential real estate, a signed and dated closing statement, a copy of the sales contract, interior and exterior photographs of the property, and any information that documents the value and condition of the property will be considered as evidence. For commercial real estate properties, owners will generally want to have a basis of sale, a closing statement, an appraisal, an income approach that includes payroll, rent summary, income, lease concessions, and lease rates, and also a cost and market approach that documents property description, year built, land area, sale price, financing terms, and more. Commercial real estate properties require more evidence than residential ones. Owners may also want to attain estimates of Dallas real estate listings in the neighborhood.

In addition to providing information regarding property value, they also offers additional information regarding property owner search. Online users are able to search by owner, account, address and business in order to attain rough estimate of the property value. There is even a map available online (adjacent to the Aladdin offices).

The Dallas county tax office and the online website provide a variety of different forms that can be filled in when seeking an appeal or an exemption. The forms are organized in a comprehensive list on the site, and can be printed out, filled in and filed. All forms are up-to-date. There are also numerous different files regarding the process which the appraiser follows when attempting to place a value on a property. Those who are looking for an appeal or an exemption will want to clearly understand the process in order to rebel it. There is also current and prior appraisal data for all accounts available on the site.

The Dallas Appraisal District also deals with exemptions

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The exemption excludes all or part of the person’s property from taxation, and will ultimately result in lower taxes being charged. Buildings with an absolute exemption will be entirely excluded from taxation; this will include property with buildings like churches. Other properties can be partially exempted from paying taxes. This can be due to a bankruptcy declaration, or a homestead exemption. Those who are 65 years of age and older will be able to enjoy a homestead exemption from the State of Texas. There is also a disability homestead exemption, and exemptions made for agriculture, charities, disabled veterans or survivors, pollution control properties, and more. Those who want to be able to qualify in the homestead exemption will want to have been residing in that specific property since January 1st of that year. Those seeking an exemption will want to fill in the exemption application before one year is up.

They are also just set up a new online property tax estimator that will be able to calculate the property tax on each individual property, and provided information for paying the taxes. They have a list of tax collecting agencies, and even provide information regarding taxing unit rates. The current 2012 tax rate is approximately 0.2431 for the Dallas County, 0.271 for Parkland Hospital, and 0.09967 for the Dallas County Community which results in a total of 0.62377. The tax rate will differ by year, and online visitors will be able to view the current and prior tax rate from the adobe files present.

In addition to all of that information, the online site and the Dallas County tax office provides additional information regarding water and electrical usage, and also the property value of homes prior to 2012 on their site. This information can be used in the appeal or at the hearing. Those who are interested in any assistance in regards to their property tax will find all of the files that they are looking for online.

The Dallas Appraisal District is responsible for all matters regarding property tax

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For those interested in learning more or even filing an appeal will want to consider looking online for more information. The files are available online as well, and those interested can easily submit their application and get a reassessment or an exemption through the online services available. A tax office will also be able to do the trick!